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Happy Birthday Fab 5

Happy Birthday to the fab 5 !

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Question to this Blog's members?

Is anyone interested in ever posting here again?  if so i will leave it up. If not i will close it.  If you want me to leave it to look back on for memories i will leave it up as well.
Hope everyone is well and all the 4 of the fab 5 are doing greyt! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Greyhounds Toenails falling off fyi Rani

I was reading an article that this vet wrote and then i went to her site and was reading about her and Rani that Toenail falling out thing is common in common in Greyhounds:

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Greyhounds Bundled Up For Winter

 Greyhounds Bundled Up For Winter 

Baby, it’s cold outside. And perhaps it’s time take some tips from these Greyhounds who know a thing or two about staying warm. Somehow they still rock turtlenecks better than most humans. — Global Animal
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Greyhound

I went to the beach today, and ran on the golden sand,
Ran because I wanted to, and because I can.
I leapt into the sea, and splashed all around,
Running this way and that, to see what could be found.
I looked across the sea to where it joins the sky,
And remembered times in a dark smelly kennel, and asked myself why.
Why life couldn't have always been like this, carefree happy days,
Instead of days in misery, in the most horrid ways.
I was luckier than some, taken from this life of grime,
Where I thought I would stay for the rest of my time.
Now I sleep in a nice soft bed, in a warm safe place,
And I have the freedom to run, in so much space.
To enjoy days out like this, running in the sea and on the sand.
And to receive no more abuse, only the feel of a gentle hand.
And why can't more Greyhounds like me be found a similar place,
When their lives are considered over, because they can no longer race
I do not think that I will ever know the reason why,
Only man can answer that, and until then sadly, more of my kin will die.
By Sue Stoddart.

(Whilst the poem refers to greyhounds, it applies also to the hunting galgos. BB)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Galgos vs Greyhounds Interesting information

I learned something new today, A new salesman at my work is from Mexico and i have picture of Daphne at my Desk and he says "Galgos" So i thought that maybe meant Greyhound in Spanish, but found out in fact that the Galgo/Spanish Greyhound are a completely different breed than the Greyhound.  Just thought that was interesting,  I took this from a website that explains the difference:

This was borrowed from Shannon  from South Carolina on the website.

Galgo Espanol are an entirely separate breed from a Greyhound but to the uninformed eye they look like Greyhounds the same way that many cannot tell a smooth Saluki and a Sloughi apart or a Magyar Agar from a Greyhound. Suffice it to say that there are 49 known Sighthound breeds/breed types and most of them look like Greyhounds to most people.  The beauty is in the subtly with some of the more similar breeds and once you know it you can always tell them all apart. Unfortunately a lot of the uninformed people that think they are just Greyhounds from Spain treat people like me horribly because I "got a dog from another country that I could have gotten here". In truth, there are no Galgos in America in rescue (unless they came from Spain) and I have only found 1 breeder. They just aren't available here like Greyhounds are. 

Galgos are actually an ancient breed (older than the modern English Greyhound that we know now) that descended from early Canis Gallicus aka Celtic sighthounds. It is believed that Podenco Ibicenco (Ibizan Hound) or Sloughi were bred into them around 8-15 century AD but it is not confirmed. When the galugueros (hunters) wanted faster Galgos they bred Greyhounds into them for a brief period of time in the early 20th century. Today it can be difficult to find a pure Galgo line that has not had Greyhound influence over 100 years ago but most breeders believe that the Galgos deep in the heart of Spain are the closest to the original type (hunting lines). Some reputable breeders have them as well. 

Both breeds are a very different type of athlete. Galgos were developed to be fast, robust, agile, and have a lot of endurance. Greyhounds were developed to be fast, fast, fast for a short period of time. Greyhounds are sprinters and can hit up to 45mph for very short spurts. Galgos are endurance runners and can range around the 40+mph for long distances. Greyhounds are better on straight surfaces, Galgos can turn on a dime. Greyhounds are almost useless hunting on anything but a flat, clear surface but Galgos excel on uneven, even rough terrain, in forests, on anything. When my hounds run the Greyhounds always blow Argos out of the water in speed at first but he quickly gains on them and out runs and out turns them. 

Galgos are healthier and hardier. They have thinner skin than most dogs but can withstand more damage than a Greyhound. They also have less known instances of cancer and bloat. However, studies are hard to do because of the rarity of the breed outside of Spain and, believe it or not, Germany. I know that Ohio State's Greyhound program sent all Galgo owners in the US health surveys last year and I took one. Dr. Cuoto, their head vet and a man revered as a miracle man in the Greyhound world, travels to Scooby each year to help and to study them as well. So hopefully in the future we will know more. 

In 1972, the Galgo Espanol was recognized as a standing breed by the FCI. 
The first standard was created and ten years later it was again revised and specified. The standard emphasizes the differences between Galgos and Greyhounds because of the mentioned issues with cross-breeding.

(Here is the part you were all waiting to tell them apart. )

Most people notice 3 things about Argos that sets him apart from my Greys.

First, the Galgo is smaller than the Greyhound. Males range from 62-70 cm, the female 60-68 cm. Greyhounds are generally several cm/inches taller. Basically, the male Galgo is about the size of an average female Greyhound. The females are the size of small female Greys or even large Whippets. Argos is the smallest hound in the house (my females are taller than most). There are larger Galgos but they are less common unless obviously mixed with larger sighthound. 

The second thing people notice about Argos is how different his body type is. Greyhounds have bulky muscle (well, some AKC Greys are flat muscled but we won't go there...). Galgos do not have thick, round muscle portions at the rear, back, and front. Galgos have flat musculature instead, which is important for a long-distance runner. Their loins are also higher than their shoulders. A Galgo rib cage is less deep than a Greyhound's (which helps with less bloat issues). It should not reach his elbows. A Greyhound's chest usually reaches the elbows. Because of the deep chest a Greyhound has they look like they have a tighter tuck up. Compared to a Greyhound Argos looks like he might have a few too many pounds on him but in truth he is an idea weight with a less severe tuck. (Oh, and don't tell my Grey boys this but every Galgo I have seen - including Argos - is a bit better, umm, endowed. ) 

The third thing people notice is that he has bigger ears. In truth, his head is actually longer and finer which gives the illusion of huge, funny ears. The ears actually are larger than a Greyhound's but not quite as big as they look. Galgos also have longer tails that should always hook towards the middle/end (Argos' does) where normally Greys have flat tails or lower hooks. 

The big no-brainer difference is that Galgos come in 2 coat types: rough (wire) and smooth. Greyhounds only come in smooth coat. I want my next one to be fuzzy. 

Temperament wise they are very similar. Galgos just require more exercise and have more energy (but are still couch potatoes inside). They honestly remind me more of a Ibizan Hound in personality and a Saluki or Afghan in energy than a Greyhound. Galgos are a lot more intense in the prey drive department. You can call a high prey Greyhound's attention away sometimes but good luck with a Galgo. Argos is so intense and focused on prey that his entire body quivers and his focus never breaks. If we are walking him and he sees a prey animal we have had to pick him up and take him away to break his concentration and he has a fit about it. He will try to return to that spot every walk. It is common for a Galgo to return to a place for days or even weeks after spotting a prey animal waiting for it to come back. A Greyhound would have forgotten by lunch time.  I will say that cat and small dog safe Galgos are common and easy to get. I am just referencing those with with pronounced prey drives. Many Galgo owners tell me that their Galgos are less affectionate than their Greys but Argos is the most affectionate dog alive so I guess he differs there. He's more like a giant Italian Greyhound. 

to the rescue Galgos that hunters dump; they are of unknown parentage of course. Many of them are mixed with Irish racing Greyhounds. Most galgueros do not mix non-sighthounds in for obvious reasons (wouldn't want to slow them down) according to my sources but it is always possible that some do. Argos is not a pedigreed Galgo. But, according to the people at Scooby and many other Galgo people I know he shows every physical characteristic and personality/temperament characteristic of being pure modern Galgo which is entirely possible as many hunters keep just Galgos in their pack. 


File:Galgo EspaƱol hembra 02.jpg
Smooth Galgo:

Wire hair Galgos

Monday, September 24, 2012

 Hi Everyone

For those who didn't know Miss Jenny had a mishap with her tail, it all started when we went to a lot we plan to build on in Port Charlotte. We noticed that her tail was bleeding and having heard nothing from her we only found a small palm sprout where she was standing. We are guessing that maybe she caught her tail in the V of two leaves and they acted like the edge of paper and that was how she got cut. By the time we got her home and out of the truck, I unwrapped her tail and it was now broken, so we immediatly took her the vet and he wanted to amputate it but we asked him to try and save it which he did ( shown in the one Picture) The tail got infected so they had to amputate it as shown in the other pictures. She was very stressed and exhausted during the middle stages of all of this to the point Chris had to get her into the chair on her lap so she would sleep, Which she did. The vet then finally gave some medicine to calm her down and she started to rest better. She is now in the fianal stages of healing and her tail although missing hair looks very good. She has also started to sleep as she did before including the greyhound on the back sleep. She has also started to play with her toys and wants to play with her basketball every time I go into the backyard. We are so glad she is not almost back to her old self.

Chris, Larry & of course Miss Jenny

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

would love to see pictures of the siblings :)

We need updated pictures of Miss Jenny, Sophie, Izee and Bradley :)  pleeeeeese 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Fab 5

I love seeing and hearing about all the siblings and will always will.  I sort of see Daphne vicariously through them, if that makes sense :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sophie and Izee Sunday March 4 2012

Rhonda asked for some new pics of Sophie and Izee so here they are today :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fab Five Birthday

Jenny received a Dairy Queen Pup Cup for her bithday and except for a little arthritis in her left shoulder which she receives Phycox for she is doing just fine. She loves her toys, playing soccer with her deflated basketball and of course frizzbee. Oh I guess I should mention that she love to just sleep, what a suprise. I wish Izze, Sophia and Bradley are all doing well and had a happy birthday. Lets all remember beloved Daphne now in Heaven.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Fab Five

Wow, I can't believe our babies are 5 years old today. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to Sophie, Izee, Jenny, Bradley and Sweet Sweet Daphne at the Rainbow Bridge!!!!